Deterministic Password Generator

This javascript program runs in your browser and uses the Skein-512 secure hash to deterministically generate passwords based on a single master password. This page DOES NOT send your master password or derived passwords to any server or store them. Different secure passwords are generated for each site so only the master password need be remembered. Site specific passwords can be regenerated at any time from anywhere in the world. The generated passwords can be saved locally by your browser for your convenience (or not). This page is open released to the public domain and may be saved locally and operated offline. Its security can be confirmed (or not) by inspecting the code.

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Use -1 to indicate there should be none of that catagory.

Optional Distinguishing Information

This information is combined with your master password to make your keys more unique (in case your master password is short or not very secure). Please note that this information must be identical each time keys are generated otherwise the keys will be different. Furthermore there is no way for the program to know if you have misspelled something or added a stray space at the end so type carefully. You can also use this section if you want to use the same master password for different pseudonyms.

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